BRIDGING UNDERSTANDING A Presentation by YES Alumni in Bandung, Indonesia

almost 3 years ago! here are some stories about the exchange year programs (YES, AFS, and Rotary)!

Indonesia YES Alumni Association

The Seven facilitators/panelists of the presentation: (1) Lidya Sophiani – Hosted in Round Hill, Virginia, USA (YES Program Alumni 2011-2012); (2) Rininta Muthia Syahrir – Hosted in Whitefish, Montana, USA (YES Program Alumni 2011-2012); (3) Vitara Caprinita – Hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA (YES Program Alumni 2011-2012); (4) Nabila Ratna Kasyalia – Hosted in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA (YES Program Alumni 2011-2012); Ibrahim Azizi – Hosted in South Bend, Indiana, USA (YES Program Alumni 2011-2012) (5); Ilmi Mayuni Bumi – Hosted in Zurich, Switzerland (AFS Program to Europe Alumni 2011-2012) (6); Sri Izzati – Hosted in Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA (Rotary Program Alumni 2011-2012) (7)

On September, 22nd 2012, YES Program Returnees of 2011-2012 from Bandung Chapter, held an event in MAN 1 Bandung (Madrasah Aliyah Negeri  – Islamic High School) to commemorate and to contribute for International Education Week which is the national project of Indonesian YES Alumni Returnees…

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