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If The Experts Sharing Their Data Through A Centralized Website

There are so many types of movements for a better world are held today. A movement should be initiated with real visions and hopes for positive change. In its sustainability, a good and proper movement can’t be held suddenly. Many stages of preparation before taking a decision should be taken. One of the most important stage is the analysis of environmental conditions or research to get some data and information.

At the stage of research, the activists of the movement will conduct a survey to the field to get or confirm the information related the targets and strategies of its movement. Not only survey, many effort of collecting data and information through literature also commonly taken. Through this stage, we can see how the urgency of data and information on decision-making in a movement is. The errors or lack of data will affect on decision-making which can create a movement that is less precise and inefficient.

Seeing the sources of data and information today, at least technology today has make us easier in accessing information. Take an example of a media, the website of world statistics (world-statistcs.org) that serves free and easy access to international statistics in many variables such as population, unemployment rates, health, and many more. This centralized information space can help activists in strategy-planning of their movement and making the best decision. Other Example is the website of currency converter, this is one of a perfect example in creating an information space such as website for centralized data-sharing based on common needs.

If the needs of data and information of all movements in the world only rely on those two websites, maybe we dont have to make any further ideas for data-sharing. But movement is almost exists on all fronts, so people need more pages that provide valid data in a centralized way. If we see current development, the most strategic area as media is the internet. Through a centralized website that is known to many people, information can be obtained easily by various circles.

Before going into information product, firstly we should work on the persons behind the media who are capable enough to share the data and information with high validity. In this case, we can see that the experts in the specific fields are those persons. For example, if there any group planning to help communities prepare for natural disasters, they will absolutely need information about the areas that have a high potential for disaster. There are of course many informations regarding to it, scattered in various sources with a low validity and sometimes confusing. Or maybe get nothing because nobody shares the informations needed. In this condition, geographer is the one who is capable to provide valid information regarding the problem.

Imagine the geographers from across the world or in a continent work actively in their alliance to provide general information about geographical conditions in every place on earth in a centralized website. As the appreciation of their work, they have right to commercialize the data and information. The alliance can also open a free or paid further consultation for anyone who needs more understanding in geographical things. In realizing this plan, the alliance can involve other institutions whether it is government or non-government to help coordinate the project. This idea can also documenting research in a good way.

Since all we needs is almost in every fields, the alliance of chemists, material scientists, historian, geologists, and many more can do the same. The centralized website project can be initiated by the United Nations or other alliance who have common interest like European Union or ASEAN. Start from collecting the experts, planning the system for data-sharing, and agreement whether it is commercial or become a social project, till it comes into realization. There should be an independent team in every fields having a special task to judge the validity of information before launching into the website.

So all the data and information in the centralized website are legal and allowed to be known by public. All the official websites of the spesific fields that serve data and information can be collected in a mother-website. The mother-website is the first place anyone should go before entering the website of a spesific information they need from a field category. If this idea has realized, every party like schools, universities, organizations, institutions, agencies, foundations, and other councils should be informed about the official website for every data and information. To make a difference for a better world, all we need is synergy.